Pierre Smars 司馬品岳

Pierre smars
National Yunlin University of
Science & Technology
Dept and Grad. School of
Cultural Heritage Conservation

123 University Road, Section 3
64002 DòuLiù, YúnLín County, Taiwan
Tel.: +886 5 5342601 ext.:3170
E-mail: smars (at) yuntech.edu.tw [PGP key]
Office: Science building DS.107 Campus map
(23°41'35.51" N, 120°32'07.36" E)

DòuLiù, 21 Jul 2024, 14:22
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Dr Pierre SMARS is assistant professor at the department and graduate school of cultural heritage conservation at the National Yunlin University of Science & Technology.

He holds a degree in architectural engineering from the Catholic University of Louvain, UCLouvain (1989) and completed a master degree in conservation of monuments (1992) and a Ph.D. in engineering (2000), both at the Catholic University of Louvain KU Leuven.

He had been working at the R. Lemaire Centre for Conservation at the KUL from 1993 to 2001. From 2001 to 2003, he was research associate at the University of Bath. From 2003 to 2005, he worked on projects in Afghanistan and in Pakistan (in collaboration with the University of Aachen) and at the World Heritage Centre in Paris. Since 2005, he is working at the National Yunlin University of Science & technology.

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His research concerns safety assessment of heritage structures, surveying techniques and ancient construction techniques. He is particularly interested by Gothic vaults and other objects where geometrical, technical and structural aspects are intimately related. In his Ph.D. dissertation [pdf], and later works he studied the influence of the release of the classical plasticity theory hypotheses on the stability of vaulted structures.

His most recent research concerns the dynamic behaviour of block structures and arches, material and structural authenticity in interventions on the built heritage and the constructional aspects of adobe vernacular architecture in Taiwan.

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Conservation history & theory 保存與修復理論, Vernacular Architecture 住宅與民居(一) Architectural documentation I 建築文化遺產調查, Architectural documentation II 建築調查研究專題, An architectural stroll around Europe 與歐洲建築漫步, Computer-Aided Drafting for Cultural Heritage 文化資產電腦輔助繪圖 Materials science 材料科學 History of Western architecture 西方建築史, Physics 物理, International Cultural Assets Comparison 國際文化資產比較, Lectures on European Cultural History 歷史專論, Professional ethics 專業倫理 Cultural Laws and Policy 文化政策與法規


Conservation science (In collaboration with 李昱 (Lǐ Yù); before: Gordon Turner Walker) 文化資產保存科學研究, Structural Threats on Historical Buildings 建物的結構風險 History of Western architecture, special topics 西方建築史專題 Conservation science 文化資產保存科學研究, Architectural documentation I 建築文化遺產調查, Architectural documentation II 建築調查研究專題,

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